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Wembley Play Area & Boulevard

Nomow have work with Volken Fitzpatrick in the creation of a brand new public play area at Wembley Stadium. The landscape architect Applied Landscape Design, were asked to create an outdoor play area as part of a grand regeneration including designer shops, restaurants, a cinema and performance space. The play equipment which was exclusively designed and installed for the site by Russell Play was themed to reflect the original towers of Wembley Stadium. The playground was to be located just outside of the stadium, facing the new London Designer Outlet but also catering for the many businesses along the boulevard and local housing developments. Nomow tendered against a number of other artificial grass companies, initially to transform the play area, however this was soon expanded to meet the requests for further quotations from businesses situated along the boulevard to include a 7-10 metre wide strip in front of the shops, restaurants and hotels. With the play area requiring significant landscaping Nomow assisted with the construction of the groundwork and were also required to use our ShockSafe Impact pads system to achieve the required Critical Fall Height for the areas surrounding the play equipment. As real grass lawns rapidly deteriorate if used for more than 6 hours per week Summer or Winter, Nomow Play 365 has been designed specifically for areas such as this ensuring that the play area can be used all year round and for years to come.