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At Paultons Park we regularly use our extremely striking artificial grass, Rainbow Range. Rainbow Range is a 24mm pile height grass that comes in a variety of colours including; White, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Black, Lime, Dark Blue, Chocolate, Turquoise, Light Grey, Dark Grey. Because of it’s versatility and amazing looks, Rainbow Range is used to create hundreds of different graphics and patterns on the floor. Everything from abstract shapes to mini roads. These colours, shapes and graphics, together with the texture of artificial grass and it’s hard-wearing properties, make Nomow Artificial Grass the most exciting and enjoyable surface that children love!

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Paultons Park sent us this lovely testimonial, which we are extremely appreciative for:

  • Paultons Park have work alongside Nomow since 2011, in that time we have themed and designed some brilliant features in the following areas, Peppa Pig World, Lost Kingdom, and most recently our new themed land Tornado Springs that is due to open in 2021.

    I personally have worked with and alongside Adam Luckhurst since our two companies have worked together, I can honestly say that although this is work it has developed into a relationship where both parties can rely on the work to be completed to the highest standard and always on time.

    The Nomow product is perfect for our theme park, as you can imagine with our footfall on our play areas wear and tear is always going to happen, Nomow have been excellent in returning to assist where-ever and whenever we have had any issue.

    On top of the themed areas, we are also using the grass in our high footfall areas to stop the ugly wearing of grass and also making these areas available to our guests during wet and inclement weather.

    All it remains to say is that I hope to maintain the same relationship moving forward with Adam and his team.

    Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World, Hampshire
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