The Environment and Health

Artificial grass can have enormous benefits for humans whilst also incurring minimal costs to the environment.

One of the primary considerations with artificial grass is that it has a 20-year expected life span. This distinguishes it from single-use plastics. Single-use plastics make their way into the environment extremely quickly, artificial grass on the other hand can be used daily, for decades. Then when it is finally time to dispose of, because pieces are so large, it’s likely to be disposed of responsibly. After its useful life, it can also be stored or recycled.

Artificial grass is a practical, all-weather safety surface. in sporting and play environments, it can help to vastly improve the health of the adults exercising on it, or the children playing on it.

Artificial grass can even have mental health benefits, as it is brilliant at instantly greening-up grey and dull areas.

Chilren Running

Our Mantra

“Artificial Grass works, where natural grass doesn’t.”


Sustainable products


Did you know, all artificial grass currently in production can technically be recycled! It’s just that it’s difficult to recycle it.

There are specialist recycling companies that can do this to different degrees. And there are specialised recycling facilities that can handle, shred and sort artificial grass, into its component parts. It can then be separated and recycled. We have invested in GBN Recycling who are one of these specialist recycling firms.

The problem is, is that these facilities are based in the EU. Therefore we bail up old artificial grass for placing into return lorries from our supply chain. We support efforts to create these facilities in the UK.

The Future

As a company in a responsible position, we are dedicated to pushing the industry as far and as fast as we can, to innovate and create new sustainable products.

We constantly push for recyclable products with increasing levels of recyclability. We have products in the pipeline that are Recycling codes 4 and 5 which are a high degree of recyclability.

Our long term aim, which we are pushing our factories for, are artificial grasses that are made from recycled materials.

Factory Development

Monthly Charity Donations

We operate a monthly program of charity donations. Every month, one of the departments in the business chooses their favorite charity for a business donation.

Some of our donations have recently gone to the likes of Unicef, Cancer Research, and Dogs Trust.

Long Term Charity Commitment

For several years we have been sponsoring children via our dedicated charity, Actionaid. We love to hear from Actionaid and the children about how their lives are going and we can’t wait for the next update. Actionaid provides humanitarian assistance to people living in poverty across the globe.

Planting A Tree For Every Order

We’re excited to introduce our latest sustainability initiative in partnership with Carma: for every order placed with us, we will plant a tree. This effort not only helps combat climate change but also supports reforestation and biodiversity around the world.

By choosing Nomow, you’re making a choice that benefits both you and the planet. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, more sustainable future—one tree at a time.

Pure Play (PURETi)

Pure Play is a genuine revolutionary artificial grass product. The special ingredient in Pure Play is PURETi, which is an innovative award-winning product that is supported by NASA and the EU’s Horizon Project.

Pure Play is able to break down city air pollution, converting it into harmless substances. Pollution from things like cars, creates NOX (Nitrogen Oxides) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), PURETi reacts with the sun to continuously break these molecules down.

One field of Pure Play is able to break down pollution at the same rate, as a 20 hectare forest!



We have a Gold award from EcoVadis. This is a highly prestigious award that we are proud of. EcoVadis help and assess our global supply chain activities to make sure they are complying with high standards on Environment, Human Rights, Sustainability, and Ethics.