4 Key Points To Take Into Considerations When Installing Artificial Grass

Deciding which dimensions to purchase for your domestic Artificial Grass installation can be more complicated than you might think. It all depends on the particular layout of your garden or installation area.

Whether you would consider your garden to be ‘Landscape’ or ‘Portrait’ has a huge bearing on what combination of sizes you should buy.

Standard Widths

It is an industry standard that Artificial Grass only comes in 2 metres and 4-metre widths. Whenever you buy Artificial Grass, it will be delivered to you in either a 2-metre long roll or a 4-metre long roll. Sometimes, if the length of the Artificial Grass is 1 metre, we would be able to roll a 4-metre width sideways into a 1-metre long roll.

So why is a 4 metre by 1-metre piece of Artificial Grass, still classed as a 4-metre width? Why not just class it as a 1-metre width? – The answer is all to do with pile direction…


Pile Direction

After the manufacturing process, the individual blades of the Artificial Grass will all lean in one direction. As the Artificial Grass is rolled out away from you, all the blades of grass will point towards you. So the Pile Direction will always be perpendicular to the width.

Pile Direction is also very important to the appearance of your lawn. If you have a section of your Artificial Grass lawn with a different Pile Direction, then it will clearly stand out and almost look like a completely different grass.

Also, for the best possible view, the optimum orientation for the Pile Direction is facing the house. This is because the grass will look its best when you look into the Pile Direction.

So if you have a very short and wide garden it might be best to buy multiple rolls of 4-metre width grass with short lengths. Rather than one long piece of grass laid sideways where the pile direction is not facing the house. This may however result in a few more joins in the grass…

Nomow Challenger 24


Joins in Artificial Grass should generally be avoided. This is because they increase the number of accessories that you will need and if they are not done correctly, can be noticeable as a subtle line in the lawn.

Sometimes joins are unavoidable depending on the layout of your garden and will almost certainly be needed in large installations. If you do require accessories for joins, you can purchase them here.


Designing your garden in the most optimum way, so that you have as few joins as possible, with an ideal pile direction and working with standard widths, can result in a bit of wastage. One fantastic idea to deal with this excess Artificial Grass is that you can turn it into interesting and unique doormats.

Simply turn the grass over and, using a sharp knife, cut it into small rectangles. These can either be laid inside or out and are great for cleaning shoes and will be a great talking point.

Infinity Doormat