We all wish we had our children’s energy, but sometimes too much energy can get in the way of learning. The Daily Mile helps to combat this issue by encouraging 15 minutes of jogging or running outside, every day.

There are so many benefits to this initiative. There are the obvious physical health benefits as well as supporting our children’s mental health, and it can also help with behaviour, social skills, concentration levels and overall wellbeing.

Blue Daily Mile Track

Artificial grass running track

With the Daily Mile there is no barrier to entry – staff don’t need training and there’s no requirement for specific equipment. But, if your children are running in circles on the playing field in their school uniform, you’ll soon develop a mud problem, especially in winter.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution and also offers a safer landing for those inevitable tumbles on tarmac. Nomow has developed the Nomow Running Track, perfectly suited to The Daily Mile

Daily Mile Track 3d
  • Artificial Grass Running Track at Bramingham Primary School

    Bramingham Primary School made the decision to take part in the initiative of running a mile every day before the school day starts. The practice is an amazing activity and brilliantly effective...

    Bramingham Daily Mile Track
  • “After having an initial meeting and survey with Nomow, the regular communication and advice has been excellent and the track itself is exactly what was promised and looks stunning. The installation of our track took 3 weeks to complete. All the workers from Nomow were very attentive, gave daily updates and continued with their hard work each day in all types of weather.

    Our brand new, exciting, daily mile track has proven to be a great success with all our pupils, parents, staff members and governors. All children of all abilities are now able to achieve their mile a day target regardless of any weather conditions, that, prior to our new track, would have been unable to complete.

    We are a fully inclusive school, with a high number of children with an EHCP. The track now gives all our children who would have had difficulties accessing our school field the chance to take part in their own daily mile with their friends throughout the year.

    Nomow have been excellent and if we are looking at another project in the future, we will certainly be contacting them again.”

    Bramingham Primary School
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