Durable Artificial Grass

Real grass degrades quickly in high-traffic areas such as playgrounds and play areas, and in winter can render them unusable, so artificial grass for play areas is a great option. Not only is it easier to maintain, but it’s also weather-proof allowing you to use that space all year round.


Customisable Artificial Grass

Our Pro Play 32mm artificial grass is a brighter green than our other products, providing a vibrancy to your play area that encourages adventure. But if you want to inject even more colour, you might consider our Rainbow Range which is a 24mm multi-coloured artificial grass. You can choose how you use the Rainbow Range: select from a gallery of options, create your own design or add your logo. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of ways to make your playground an inviting and exciting place to be, inspiring games and fun.


Nomow Artificial Grass Safety Properties

Pro Play 32mm artificial grass and our Rainbow Range are made specifically for play areas and are widely used in schools, local authority parks and playgrounds where safety is key.

Climbing frames, swings and slides increase the potential for accidents, so it’s important to ensure the flooring you install provides a soft landing. That’s why we offer a shock absorbent underlayer – Eco ShockSafe – a protective underlayer with fall height protection, certified to BS EN1177:2008.

Accidents can also occur when children are running around, so all Nomow products have non-slip properties, even when wet.

  • Vibrant colour and customisation options
  • Protects high-traffic areas from wear and tear
  • Extends outdoor play no matter the weather
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fall height protection
  • Non-slip even in the rain
  • Bisterne Avenue Park

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    Bisterne Park Nomow Grass
  • Greenleaf Play Area

    Splashes, hopscotches, numbers, water and even fish are all just a selection of what the Nomow Rainbow range can bring to your school/nursery play area or playground. Greenleaf Play area, part of...

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  • Houndwell Park

    An incredible installation of over 900m2 of Luxury Plus, working with Eibe Play to create an amazing new ‘Titanic Themed’ play area, this site perfectly showcases how Nomow works in children’s play...

    Houndwell Park Nomow
  • I have been purchasing artificial grass from Nomow for sometime now. I find the products to be good quality and the staff are great.

    John Gilmore
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