Artificial grass for dogs

Instead of latex, Nomow’s dog-friendly Pet 28 grass product uses polyurethane as a backing. Polyurethane has a smooth surface which ensures materials and bacteria don’t cling to it.

We then combine this with ZeoZorb which is a natural material made from volcanic eruptions. Zeozorb’s natural properties help eliminate the stench of pet urine. It traps the ammonia particles in urine, which is what you can smell, and when it rains it releases the ammonia so that it easily washes away.

As a natural product, the ZeoZorb works over and over again so unlike chemicals and deodorizers, there’s no need to reapply frequently.


Grass durability that lasts

Dogs love to dig up natural grass, then delight in tracking mud and grass through the house. Large dogs will quickly and easily turn your once prized lawn into a mud bath only they will enjoy!

Artificial grass is a wonderful solution to providing your pet with a fantastic play space which retains its grassy, luscious look no matter how many times your dog rolls around and chases its tail. Your home will also benefit from less mud being traipsed in from the garden.


DIY dog grass installation

If you’re planning to take on the installation of your pet-friendly artificial grass yourself, here’s a seven step guide to follow:

  1. Remove any real grass together with 40mm of topsoil from the area you want the artificial grass to be.
  2. Install a geo-stabilising weed membrane.
  3. Create a sub-base to give your lawn that premium look. By spreading 35mm worth of graded Grano you’ll provide a great foundation for your lawn and good drainage. A good alternative to Grano is Sharp Sand.
  4. Add an edging solution. As dogs like to pull up artificial turf, it’s essential to edge your grass in place so that your dog can’t find an edge to pull up. There are lots of options such as steel edging strips and VertEdge which maintain a perfect edge, keeping them securely in place. For smaller dogs, you could just use fixing pins to secure your lawn edge. Finally, you could create a concrete frame and glue your turf into place.
  5. Here’s the most important part – add your ZeoZorb sub-base. You’ll need to spread 5kg/m2 on top of the Grano or Sharp Sand.
  6. Lay your artificial grass. We recommend our Pet 28 artificial grass as it has a slightly larger pile than you would normally use so that it can take an in-fill. It also has the more durable polyurethane backing.
  7. Sprinkle 5kg/m2 of ZeoZorb as an in-fill.

That’s it, an easy installation that delivers fantastic performance and offers excellent curb-appeal!


The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Pets

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the main advantages of artificial grass for pet owners is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require mowing, watering, or fertilising. The cleanup process is as simple as hosing down the turf to remove any liquid or solid waste. Larger debris can be easily spotted and picked up, ensuring a clean and hygienic outdoor space for your pets.

Safe and Pest-Free Environment

Artificial grass for dogs provides a safe and pest-free environment. It eliminates the need for pesticides and chemicals, ensuring the well-being of your pets. Pests and bugs are less likely to infest artificial turf, which means no more unwanted guests. Say goodbye to the worries of flea and tick infestations and create a safer space for your furry friends to roam and play.

Durable and Resistant to Damage

If you love seeing your dogs playing in the yard but can’t stand the digging and brown spots that come with it, artificial turf for dogs is highly recommended for you. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is highly durable and can withstand foot or paw traffic without showing signs of wear and tear.

Your pets will no longer create unsightly holes or damage your lawn with their playful activities. Artificial grass deters dogs from digging, ensuring a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Enjoy a beautiful and pristine lawn all year round, without the worry of patchy areas or dead spots caused by pet traffic.

All-Season Enjoyment

Artificial turf for dogs offers year-round enjoyment for both you and your pets. Unlike natural grass that can become dormant or turn brown during certain seasons, artificial grass maintains its lush and vibrant appearance regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it’s summer, winter, or any other season, your artificial grass will always look green and inviting.

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