Artificial grass, also known as 3G grass, can provide multiple safety properties which natural grass and tarmac can’t, reducing the impact of accidents.

We have a number of products that offer safety properties, ranging from critical fall height protection (particularly relevant in playgrounds), cushioning to reduce the impact of a fall, and a non-abrasive surface, reducing ripped clothing and grazed knees.

Eco ShockSafe (Shockpad Boards)

If you’re installing play equipment such as swings, slides and climbing frames, the Eco ShockSafe boards are crucial. Made entirely from recycled material, they provide critical fall height protection. To reach different critical fall heights, we have different thicknesses available and by combining them, the range can be extended even further.
All Eco ShockSafe Boards have been tested to European Standard EN 1177:2008 and are therefore suitable for outdoor use on top of tarmac, concrete and subsoil surfaces

  • Critical fall height protection
  • 100% Recycled and recyclable
  • Allows effective drainage
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Long-lasting and highly durable

10mm Shockpad underlay

Our 10mm Shockpad underlay goes underneath your artificial grass to provide impact absorption. It gives your artificial grass a slightly cushioned, bouncy feel that helps to reduce the impact of trips and falls.

Non-abrasive surface

Falling over on tarmac can hurt and cause cuts, scrapes and torn clothing. Nomow artificial grass is a non-abrasive surface that reduces the likelihood of injury or damage to clothing.

Shock-absorbent Wetpour

The best of both worlds, Nomow’s Wetpour product offers the same non-abrasive surface that our artificial grass provides, and also delivers its own critical height protection. During the installation process, a layer of SBR – a protective rubber base – is installed underneath the Wetpour surface which provides the critical height protection.

Benefits Of Shockpad Underlay

Enhancing Safety and Cushioning Falls

One of the primary benefits of incorporating a shock pad into your artificial grass setup is the enhanced safety it provides. Synthetic turf systems are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass, but they lack the inherent cushioning and shock absorption properties of their organic counterpart. This can pose a risk, especially in high-traffic areas or where falls are more likely to occur, such as children’s play areas or sports fields.

By installing a shock pad beneath the artificial grass, you create a layer of cushioning that can help absorb the impact of falls and reduce the likelihood of serious injuries. This is particularly important in settings where the risk of falls is elevated, such as schools, playgrounds, and sports facilities. The shockpad’s ability provides an extra layer of protection for users, giving you greater peace of mind.

Extending the Lifespan of Artificial Grass

In addition to enhancing safety, a shockpad can also play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your artificial grass installation. Over time, the backing and fibres of the synthetic turf can become compacted and worn down, particularly in high-traffic areas. This can lead to a loss of cushioning, a reduction in the turf’s resilience, and an overall decline in the playing experience.

By incorporating a shock pad, you create a buffer between the ground and the artificial grass, helping to protect the turf from the wear and tear of constant use. The shockpad’s shock-absorbing properties can alleviate the stress on the turf, preventing premature compaction and ensuring that your investment maintains its vibrant, lush appearance for longer. This can translate to significant cost savings over the life of your artificial grass system, as you may be able to extend the time between full replacements.

Improving Drainage and Playability

Another key benefit of using a shockpad with your artificial grass is the enhancement it can provide to the playing surface’s drainage and overall playability. Synthetic turf systems are designed to be permeable, allowing water to flow through and prevent the accumulation of standing water. However, the underlying soil or base can sometimes impede this drainage, leading to waterlogged conditions that can affect the quality of the playing experience.

By installing a shockpad, you create a highly porous layer that helps to channel water away from the surface, ensuring that your artificial grass remains well-drained and playable even after heavy rainfall. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with poor natural drainage or where the ground is prone to becoming saturated. The shock pads ability to facilitate water flow can also help to prevent the growth of weeds and the buildup of debris, keeping your artificial grass surface in optimal condition.

Moreover, the cushioning provided by the shock pad can contribute to a more consistent, predictable bounce of the ball, enhancing the overall playability of the surface. This can be especially important for sports applications, where a reliable playing surface is crucial for the performance and safety of the athletes.

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