Active Play

The best artificial grass for use in a basketball setting is Active Play. Active Play is a 12mm artificial grass with a curled yarn. This means that it is a very flat surface and doesn’t have thousands of protruding blades that normal artificial grasses would have.

Active play can offer a feature not possible in tarmac or wooden flooring, which is its brilliant non-abrasive qualities. The grass layer is able to absorb impacts from trips and falls whilst allowing for a basketball to bounce correctly.

Blue Basketball Court

Part of a MUGA

Basketball hoops are a fantastic addition to any Multi-Use Games Area. And Multi-Use Games Areas commonly use artificial grass. Although artificial grasses with a long pile height may not be ideal for Basketball, it is still perfectly possible to have hours of fun and exercise playing basketball on an artificial grass MUGA.

Artificial Grass sports surfaces on MUGA’s don’t have any additional cushioning. Underneath the artificial grass is usually layers of MOT and Sand that are compacted to create a flat, hard, and even surface. This allows for a basketball to bounce, even though it is on a grass-like surface. This is a brilliant combination of safety surfaces and amazing looks.

Basketball In Muga
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