Sizes and Design

The size, shape, and design of a 3G sports pitch can be completely controlled by you. Typically, 3G surfaces are used on larger installations such as a full football pitch or even a training ground comprising of several pitches close together. However, it is still common for 3G surfaces to be used on MUGA’s and 5-a-side pitches, and indoor training areas.


Extreme – 50mm Artificial Grass

Extreme is a durable and long-lasting, 50mm artificial grass option, featuring a duo-colored fibrillated monotype yarn design that is 50% filled with rubber crumb. It is equipped with advanced technology that makes it safe, vandal-resistant, and perfect for high wear and regular sports use such as football. Additionally, it comes with a 10-year guarantee and is designed with UV stabilization technology.


Typical Costs

The cost of installing a 3G sports pitch can vary greatly depending on several factors. The size of the area to be covered, the condition of the existing surface, and the complexity of the job are all important considerations that can impact the overall cost. Installing a 3G sports pitch on a large, flat area with minimal excavation and site preparation required will typically be less expensive than installing the same surface on a rough or uneven, concreted area that requires significant site work.

It’s therefore critical that a site survey is conducted before an installation, in order to give an accurate quote that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Nomow offer FREE site surveys followed up with a professional quote. Our expert installation teams will then have the specifications needed to construct a brand-new, top-quality playing surface.


Artificial Grass is used in a wide variety of applications from sports fields to playgrounds and from gardens to indoor events. This has resulted in artificial grass being called by different names depending on its application and the type of artificial grass used.

One common term used in the artificial grass industry is “3G.” This term refers to the third generation of artificial grass surfaces, which are designed to perform like real grass whilst being remarkably durable.

3g Astroturf

Non Abrasive

Our 3G product Extreme is installed with rubber crumb granules as in infill. The technique has a transformative effect on the surface as it adds cushioning and allows for things to safely slide across it. In other words, slide tackles are permitted on 3G surfaces, bringing with them dynamism and realism to a game of football.

Rubber Crumb

Rubber crumb is a material made from recycled rubber tires that we use as a top layer in our 3G sports pitches. The material improves the performance of players, helps protect them during falls, and extends the lifespan of the surface. In fact, our 3G surfaces with a rubber crumb infill are our number one most durable product!

The introduction of a Rubber Crumb also helps the surface mimic the characteristics of football played on natural grass. The granules, coupled with the pile, are able to absorb shocks from a bouncing ball to the same degree as natural grass. Without this quality, the ball will bounce too high creating an unrealistic playing experience.

Sport Types

The primary sport played on 3G pitches with a rubber-crumb infill is football. Football being played on 3G pitches is incredibly common throughout the world and Nomow have installed our Extreme artificial grass in hundreds of synthetic football pitches across the UK.

Many schools and sporting facilities will also use 3G pitches for general games areas. The surface is not suitable for sports like hockey, but will perform perfectly fine for a variety of other non-professional games such as Rounders and Netball. Rugby training sessions can also be carried out on 3G surfaces as the non-abrasive qualities allow for a higher degree of physicality during training sessions.

3g Football Surface
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