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Point Of Sales stands

Whether you have the space for a large paternoster or you can only afford wall-space, we can design and create any, high-quality Point Of Sales Stands that attract customers and show off the grass. We know what works and what types of POS Stands work in particular areas.

Some of our stands can be built to accommodate 2 metres high rolls of artificial grass and our merchandising team can make sure they are built and maintained correctly.

As well as physical products for sale, we can supply stands that only show very high-quality samples of the product. This allows customers to properly feel and experience the grass close-up. Customers can then purchase their favourite product, directly in store.

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Excellent choice for Retailers

Some of our stands are designed to take up only a very small area of floorspace. Our 4 tier stand for example only takes up an A4 size piece of paper on the floor. With an average order value of £300 this can contribute a large amount of revenue per square metre.

In addition, many of our stands only show samples of artificial grass, and then orders can be sent straight to Nomow, for us to deliver straight to a customer site or home. This reduces initial outlay as you don’t need to pay for stock to go into storage.

Low Maintanence Garden

Support for Retialers

  • Merchandising Staff
  • In-Store Training
  • Dedicated Administration Staff
  • Household Brand Name
  • Website Auditing Service – We’ll help you get the most out of selling artificial grass on your website
  • Online account or API set up
  • Nationwide Delivery Direct to Site or Home
  • Competitive Pricing
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Trade and Retailers

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