For most of the play area, we used a premium product, Luxury Plus. As the name suggests, Luxury Plus ’17 is one of our highest quality products with a tall pile height of 40mm and an extremely soft feel. This super-soft texture means that Luxury Plus ’17 is perfect for families, schools and children.

In addition to a fantastic feel, Luxury Plus ’17 also looks brilliantly realistic. Mixed into a dense brown thatch is a number of different subtle shades of green which adds to the realistic looks. The brown thatch is a layer of thinner brown Artificial Grass that gives the impression of some dead blades of grass which imitates a freshly mown look.

After we laid down the more conventional grasses we set to work cutting out bespoke graphics to make the play area stand out and look fantastic. We were able to insert Butterflies, Flowers and abstract images into the lawn which the children will simply love.

  • Swavesy Nomow Grass Park
  • Swavesey Grass Graphic Insert
  • Nomow Swavesey Rainbow Grass Graphics

How do we insert the Graphics?

We start by using grasses from our Rainbow Range, which is a collection of multicoloured grasses. Using Stanley Knives our skilled installers are able to cut out these brilliant shapes. In the same way that we join rolls of Artificial Grass together, we are able to glue and join these abstract shapes to the normal grass so that they don’t move about and stay in one place.

The play area included a climbing frame and therefore required safety facilities around any areas that could pose a danger if a child fell off. To ensure the safety of the area, underneath the Artificial Grass we placed a 60mm shock pad. This shock pad is part of the sophisticated safety technology which we call Nomow G3 SafeRange.

The Nomow G3 SafeRange Safety Surfaces provide protection from falls at a range of heights from 1m to 3m. Falls from heights are one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen. Our safety surfaces include impact absorption layers underneath the Artificial Grass which dissipates the energy from a high-speed impact.

These products are independently tested and meet European Standard EN 1177:2008. This means that they are designed to protect a child’s head in the event of a nasty fall. And because they include a layer of Artificial Grass on top they also look amazing.

This artificial grass for school completely brightens up the area used by Children on a daily basis – it will allow them to use the space 365 days a year whatever the weather, without the worry of mud and mess.

If you are responsible for the facilities at a school or a nursery and would like to see your play area looking this fantastic all year round, call us now to arrange a site survey 0800 587 0380.

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