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Find out more about some of the techniques we use and see how we go about installing such a large area.

The Pre-existing Surface

The area had seen better days. Moss had grown over the entire tarmac surface. This obviously can make things quite difficult for people playing tennis. A tennis ball is quite small and a large piece of moss could easily make the ball ricochet off at an unusual angle, spoiling a game.

In addition, weeds had pushed their way through a few cracks and even a small bush in one of the corners had managed to take hold.

All of this was very unfortunate as the tennis courts were right at the front entrance to the school. Everyone who visited the school had to drive/walk passed the area.

Courts Before

Active Play

Active Play is a relatively new addition to our range and is already one of our most popular artificial grasses. It has a 12mm, short, curled pile height. This makes it fantastic for a variety of sports as games that include smaller balls like tennis and hockey, won’t be negatively impacted by large blades of grass. Whilst at the same time, it can produce a grassy effect and a non-abrasive surface.

Active play is available in a variety of colours including; Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Light Green, Light Grey, Red and White. These colours are perfect for creating lines, shapes and patterns in the area.

Dark Green Side

The Plan

Before we do anything, we have to prepare the existing surface. This part of the job can vary wildly depending on what and where we are installing. When installing onto soil, this can involved a huge amount of groundworks. However, at Ormiston Chadwick, we were installing onto tarmac, so heavy groundwork isn’t needed. However, we still need to prepare the surface, which involved two main stages. First, we scarified the area, which is where we mechanically scrape away any debris on the surface. We also conduct minor repairs throughout the area on any cracks or holes.

Once the surface is perfect, we can roll out the artificial grass. This product is all delivered from our head office in the peak district and is sent in full rolls which are 4m by 30m. We rolled these out and glued the pieces together.

When the baseline artificial grass is laid, we can then start cutting and installing the lines, which turns the area from a large green rectangle, into a professional-looking sports pitch.

Finally, a light sprinkling of sand is installed throughout the whole area, this gives the surface more structural integrity and weight. At first, this can look a little odd as the sand is visible, but once it has been played on the sand sinks and only the artificial grass can be seen.



One unusual problem we have with such a large area is wind. We lay different sections of the area over multiple days, and so we can’t always predict exactly how windy the weather will be over a week. If the wind did pick up, then this could be quite disastrous as it could blow all of our hard work away.

That’s why we lay out our tubs of glue all over the area in strategic locations, and why we conduct light pinning all across the area. The pinning doesn’t affect the integrity of the artificial grass and is so lightly done that it doesn’t impact the surface below.

Ormiston Academies Pins


We use an extra special technique for cutting lines into the artificial grass. The area already came with lines marked out, as we were going over the old courts. This made this slightly easier as less measuring was required.

First, we lay the rolls of artificial grass over all of the existing courts. Then, with careful attention, we use string to mark out where the lines are, and slowly cut a 50mm gap through the surface. We use a unique tool for doing this and as you can imagine, a huge level of care is taken, when doing this.

We then have rolls of pre-made 50mm lines that we simply place and glue within the newly created gaps.

  • Lines 1
  • Lines 2
  • Lines 3
  • Lines 4
  • Lines 5
  • Lines 6
  • Lines 7
  • Lines 8

Gluing Technique

We used this incredibly efficient gluing technique, that can quickly create a primed tape, ready for installation. One of the most common techniques is to paste the glue on, by hand, with a similar method to plastering.  However, if you’re creating hundreds and metres of gluing tape this can be a very time-consuming process.

We mix the glue solution and then place it into a bespoke container, and pull the tape from below the container. The tape is then used under the artificial grass to join pieces together.

The Final Result

The area has been drastically transformed. With three new netball courts and 4 new tennis courts, the area will provide hundreds of hours of exercise and fun for the students at Ormiston Chadwick Academy.

The front entrance to the school now looks even better. It’s amazing just how much of a difference greening up tarmac areas can make to the aesthetics of the property.

If you would like to find out more or book a free site survey, don’t be afraid to call our friendly staff or complete our contact form.


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