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Artificial Grass For Dogs


The Nomow Artificial Grass for Dogs System – Pawfect for Dog Owners.

We have developed an unrivalled and comprehensive Artificial Grass system that takes care of every aspect of an artificial grass lawn that is suitable for dogs. We split this system into 2 main areas;

  • Specially Designed Grass
  • Prevention

Specially Designed Artificial Grass

We have an artificial grass that has been specifically designed for lawns that will accommodate dogs playing on them.  

Pet 28 – 28mm Pile Height


Pet 28 has a unique backing compared to the rest of our range. This is a Polyurethane backing instead of a Latex backing. Latex backing will normally suffice, however Polyurethane is generally more durable and can help to resist doggy claws.

Pile Height

Pet 28 has a medium length pile height. This medium length is the optimum height for the ‘Nomow Artificial Grass for Dogs System’.

Our system includes an in-fill made from our specialist product ZeoZorb. Therefore the grass needs to be at least a medium height, to accommodate this in-fill. At the same time, the pile height for Pet 28 isn’t too tall, ensuring that they stand up straight.


Prevent the possibility of unpleasant smells with our ZeoZorb product.


ZeoZorb is a revolutionary product for the artificial grass world. It has the amazing quality of being able to continuously absorb ammonia in dog urine. The ZeoZorb will capture the ammonia molecule and only release them the next time it rains. It then repeats this cycle over and over again, allowing you to enjoy your garden, smell-free and maintenance-free. 

Find out more about ZeoZorb here.

How much ZeoZorb do I need?
This depends on the size and amount of dogs that you have.

ZeoZorb is applied as an in-fill to the grass and as a sub-base. If you have 1 small dog, we would recommend 7Kg of ZeoZorb per square metre on top of the grass and 7Kg/m2 underneath. If you have several large dogs then you may need 12Kg/m2 sprinkled on top and 12Kg/m2 underneath.


No More Mud
No longer will your dogs dig up your lawn.

No More Mess
No longer will they create a mess and traipse dirt into your house.

No More Maintenance
ZeoZorb will prevent any future smells from occurring.


  • Artificial grasses specifically designed for dogs
  • ZeoZorb continuously cleans and eliminates smells
  • Cleaners that tackle the smells produced from urine
  • Artificial Grass for dogs, no mud, no mess, no smells