What Is An Artificial Grass Base Layer?

Before we look at placing something underneath artificial grass, let’s understand the purpose of a base layer. The base layer provides stability, drainage, and a smooth surface for the artificial turf to rest on.

It helps prevent any unevenness in the ground from being visible through the grass and ensures a consistent and comfortable feel underfoot. An artificial lawn base layer is typically made from sharp sand or Grono, ideally 30mm deep.


Soil Conditions and Drainage

Before installing artificial grass in your garden, you’ll need to dig up your existing lawn along with the topsoil. This helps ensure the area of installation is flat, preventing any deficiencies within your garden.

Removing the natural grass and topsoil will also allow your artificial grass to drain efficiently. This allows enough surface depth to install your base layer properly, assisting with the drainage system of artificial grass.

ACO Drainage LR

Preventing Weed Growth

Weeds can be a persistent issue in gardens, and preventing their growth is crucial for maintaining the pristine appearance of your artificial grass. While high-quality synthetic turf is designed to resist weed growth, a base layer can provide an extra barrier against weeds.

Adding a weed membrane or geotextile fabric beneath the artificial grass can effectively suppress weed growth, preventing weeds from growing through the turf. To find out more and purchase a weed membrane, click the button below.

Weed Membrane


Our weed killer also helps kill and prevent further growth of weeds, should you not install a weed membrane on your base for artificial grass. Find out more below.

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Cushioning and Comfort

Artificial grass is often used in areas where children play or people spend a significant amount of time outdoors. In such cases, it can be beneficial to add an underlay beneath the artificial turf to provide cushioning and enhance comfort.

Foam underlays can offer a softer feel underfoot and help reduce the risk of injuries caused by falls. A shockpad underlay is designed to cushion and soften the surface below the grass. To find out more, click the button below.

Do you need a base layer underneath artificial grass for pets?

Our Pet 28 grass has been designed for use with dogs and other pets. Pet 28 is uniquely designed to prevent any pet odours and also be more durable.

We recommend pairing Pet 28 with ZeoZorb. The ZeoZorb infill for artificial grass helps prevent your grass from smelling, thanks to a unique honeycomb shape which captures ammonia to prevent lingering odours. ZeoZorb is also completely pet friendly, so it’s a perfect fit for Pet 28 grass!

Dog Running

Levelling and Surface Preparation

Another aspect to consider when deciding whether to use a base layer is the condition of your garden’s surface. If your garden has uneven terrain or poor ground quality, adding a base layer can help level the surface and provide a stable foundation for the artificial grass.

It can also help in creating a smooth and professional finish, ensuring that the turf is laid evenly without any bumps or lumps.

Do you need to put anything underneath artificial grass when installing on tarmac?

If you’re installing your artificial grass on concrete or tarmac, you won’t need to add any sand or Grano beneath your artificial turf. A weed membrane may be useful to prevent any weeds from coming through the cracks of the concrete and affecting your artificial turf.


While it’s not always necessary to put something underneath artificial grass during installation, considering factors such as soil conditions, drainage, weed control, comfort, and surface levelling can help determine whether or not a base layer or additional materials are required.

It’s essential to assess your specific garden’s needs when installing quality artificial grass. Our team of professionals are happy to help you with any decision-making if you’re unsure about the appropriate installation methods. To get in touch, click the button below.

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