Introducing Nomow’s Artificial Grass for Dogs System.

Nomow has a new comprehensive system that is designed to help eliminate some of the potential issues that a dog’s weeing on your artificial grass can cause.

Cute Dog

We have introduced 2 new Artificial Grasses ‘Pet 28’ and ‘Best in Show’ that has been specifically designed to work well in a garden where dogs are allowed to play on the artificial grass lawn.

Both of these grasses have a unique backing that is more durable compared to the rest of our range. They also have long pile heights that can accommodate a ZeoStop in-fill which is an extremely effective method for preventing smells.

ZeoStop bag

ZeoStop is naturally created during a volcanic eruption. It is a molecule that has a unique honeycomb shape that allows it to capture ammonia particles in urine. The ZeoStop will then hold onto this ammonia and thus prevent any unpleasant smells.

ZeoStop Molecule

As water molecules fall through the air as rain, they become slightly ionized. Then when they land on the ground, these ionized water molecules will replace the ammonia. So the smelly ammonia will only be released when it’s raining, which is when you’re not using your garden. After this, the water will evaporate leaving the ZeoStop ready to capture more ammonia.

We have a dedicated page for our Artificial Grass for Dogs System.