Our Gardening Tips For The Winter Season

Severe winter weather can cause a whole range of problems and many Brits end up having to devote a lot of time to ‘winterizing’ their homes, cars and gardens to prepare for the hazards of the season. However, as Britain braces itself for ‘the worst winter in decades’ there’s at least one thing you can cross off your to-do list

Once the dormant season is well and truly upon us, those of us with artificial turf can breathe a sigh of relief that we are not battling with the detrimental effects that cold weather can have on a natural garden.

Winter can be the most unpredictable season, but even as temperatures drop below zero and snow and ice descend on the lawn, you can be assured that artificial grass won’t fade and will hold its vibrant green colour all season long.

Below is a short guide to keeping your artificial lawn in perfect condition this winter:

As trees and shrubs grow bare, it is inevitable you will get some leaf to build upon your artificial lawn. Even when the leaves are wet you can simply rake them off with ease without causing any damage to the turf. Even if you are unable to tend to your garden regularly, one brush a month is enough to keep your lawn looking immaculate.

While NoMow grass will not be damaged by sharp frosts, be careful when dealing with snow or black ice. The ice should not be removed by hand as this can cause a ‘tearing’ effect on the fibres, much like real grass. To achieve a snow-free garden, use a plastic snow shovel (as metal ones can also damage fibres) to clear your lawn.

Spreading salt during winter may interfere with the drainage system of your artificial lawn.

If you are happy to have snow covering your lawn, then ideally it is best to let snow and ice melt into artificial grass. Don’t worry about the ground becoming sodden or flooded as even heavy rainfall flows quickly through its surface.

Winter care need not be a chore if you follow these simple rules. With almost zero maintenance, artificial grass gives the owner the luxury to stay indoors this winter – just keep an eye on the condition of your lawn, and it should stay looking fresh all season long.