Autumn Care Facts for Artificial Grass

One reason why many people decide to purchase artificial grass is that it is an all-season and all-weather great alternative that takes little care to keep in perfect condition.

Summer is nearly over and autumn is coming up towards the end of the month – September 22nd. In order to keep artificial grass in its best condition through the autumn months, follow these steps below and within a few minutes your grass will be kept in prime condition.


It will come as no shock to learn that during autumn, leaves will make their way onto your lawn. It is important that you remove these leaves before they rot and as a result, affect the drainage of your artificial lawn. All it will take is five minutes once a week and your lawn will look perfect once again.


If you do not take care of your lawn, leaves and debris will gather on the surface of your artificial garden. This means that when it rains, water will not be absorbed, resulting in your drainage system not working to the best of its ability. By using a leaf blower, within a couple of minutes, you have avoided this problem.


Changes in the weather are not unusual through the autumn months, especially as we head closer to winter. If frost appears on your artificial grass, leave the ice to melt naturally. If you use a shovel to clear the ground while frost is present, you will ruin the fibres on the grass and as a result, a ‘tearing’ effect will happen.


Even though artificial grass can withstand the changes in weather, we would advise to not allow children to play on the grass until it is dry. This will prevent your grass from potential damage as well as preventing injuries.

If you follow the tips above, your artificial lawn will continue to look brand new all autumn long and if you have any questions about your Nomow artificial grass, don’t hesitate to contact us!