Will Nomow Turf Fade in the Sunlight?

As we rapidly approach June and the start of the summer months, many people will be looking forward to spending more and more time outside.

The bright summer days are ideal for enjoying all the benefits of artificial grass, but many of our customers come to us asking whether their Nomow turf will fade in the sunlight. Open sports fields and school play areas can be particularly vulnerable to sun exposure over the summer months but we can tell all our customers in complete confidence that Nomow will keep its beautiful, lush green colour for a number of years!

During the manufacturing process, the fibres that make up Nomow turf are UV stabilised to comply with quality standard BIN53387. This guarantees that the turf is protected against sunlight and UV rays, ensuring that it won’t fade into the sun for a very long time.

Nomow turf is generally expected to have a 20-year life span, during which it won’t fade or flatten, retaining its green appearance season after season.

If you are still unsure about the quality of our turf, you can rely on the Nomow guarantee, which guarantees all Nomow products and their installation for an astonishing 5 years!

During the summer season, artificial grass provides you with many useful benefits which you simply won’t get with natural turf.

With such low maintenance, you can spend the summer months sitting back and enjoying the sunshine without worrying about fading, maintenance or the expensive upkeep of a natural grass lawn.

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