Tips for Gardening in Autumn

Autumn ‘tis the season to put your garden to bed…but this doesn’t mean that there is now nothing to do until spring!

Autumn is a busy time in the garden with lots of clearing and cleaning up to do. With this in mind, Nomow are helping you tackle the do’s and don’ts of autumn gardening, ensuring your garden is prepared for the winter ahead and it looks its best come spring.

Plant evergreens

Although September marks the beginning of the end of the growing season, it doesn’t mean that planting should come to a full stop. With warm, moist soil and cool conditions, autumn is the perfect time to fill in those border gaps and create a backbone for your garden. Evergreens are perfect for your garden in autumn, and the more there are, the better it will look come winter!

Weed and clean

Carry on weeding and tidying borders and paths this season before applying an organic weed killer to keep the garden nasties at bay. Doing these tasks now will save you a big job when the winter months are over and spring returns.

Prepare for winter

September and October are the perfect months to start preparing your garden for the cold winter months. Remove dead leaves and foliage from your beds and turn them into compost and make way for the groundwork, which your plants will need even when the weather starts to turn miserable.

Prepare the lawn

For those with natural grass gardens, your lawn will be beginning to grow much more slowly than it did in summer. You may find you’re also battling more with moss, bare patches and weeds this season so be prepared to spend time treating affected areas.

For those with artificial grass lawns, simply leave your lawn to look after itself while you tend to other areas of your garden!

Last feed

Think of the winter as a time of hibernation for your garden. Just like animals, your garden needs a store of food in order to survive the winter so make sure you give it one last feed before the cold season really kicks in.

Nomow artificial grass uses a combination of natural green colours with a super soft, lush construction to give your lawn that ‘just mown’ look all year round. Our products stay looking beautiful in all weathers and require no maintenance, leaving you to relax and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about how you could transform your garden this autumn with Nomow artificial grass.