Life’s an Adventure with Artificial Grass

Where was your favourite place to play as a child? Chances are, it was a pillow fort, a tree house or anywhere but a traditional playground. Studies have now shown that when children’s play has an element of danger it is strangely healthier than safe play!

Adventure playgrounds are play structures built from timber containing exciting tunnels, slides, nets and ropes for children to play in. They are great places for children to build upon physical skills, gain confidence and grow their imaginations whilst having fun outdoors.

Extensive research shows that children have a strong and deep-rooted empathy with the natural world and so it is vital that adventure playgrounds enhance and represent the natural environment in which they encourage children to explore.

An adventure playground is an ideal addition for schools or community centres, however with high wear and tear, natural ground surface can get extremely worn and muddy over time and natural grass will rapidly deteriorate if used for more than 6 hours a week.  Artificial grass could be the perfect practical, long-term investment for any adventure playground.

Nomow provides a safe and maintenance free alternative to paving, tarmac, safety surfacing and bark chippings. Our impact absorbing playground surface will go anywhere you want it to, whether you want to lay turf on existing concrete, grass or bare ground. Nomow looks and feels like real grass, it’s beautiful, easy to care for, and what’s more there is absolutely no mowing no mess and no mud.

Our artificial grass conforms to OFSTED regulations to create safe play areas for children to run around in. The unique Nomow G3 SafeRange is an impact absorbing exterior safety flooring system that can be installed under any of our products to not only affect the appearance of your project but give you complete peace of mind

Take a look in our online shop and choose which range would suit your adventure playground the best. We have a wide range of colours and pile heights to choose from and we can even send you a free sample if you are unsure.

For over a decade Nomow have been installing artificial grass in schools, nurseries and play areas across the country, and with such great testimonials coming back we’re sure that over 1800 schools can’t be wrong!

To have a look what other schools had to say about our work take a look at our testimonials page, or to find out how we can help you simply get in touch today!