Is Nomow Environmentally Friendly?

Our customers often want to know whether Nomow artificial turf is environmentally friendly before they make a purchase.

We can say in confidence that installing Nomow can benefit the environment in a range of ways.

While replacing real grass with artificial turf may not feel like the most natural thing in the world, you may be surprised to learn how damaging maintaining a real lawn can be to the environment.

You can rest assured that when you install Nomow, the environment will benefit from:

  • Less wasted water – Nomow turf doesn’t need to be watered unlike real grass. Even in long periods of warm weather or even drought, artificial grass stays lush and green without water.
  • No grass clippings – Not only are grass clippings among the biggest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect, they can also block drains contributing to floods.
  • Reduced pollution – Harmful carbon emissions emitted by lawnmowers can contribute as much as 8% to global warming.
  • Reduction in harsh chemicals – Artificial grass can help to reduce the presence of harmful pesticides and fertilisers that can be toxic to groundwater.
  • Recyclable – A huge advancement in the industry now means that there is now equipment that can effectively remove and reclaim artificial turf. At Nomow we recycle all our grass off-cuts, using them in other areas like footpaths. Nothing is wasted.

Boasting up to 20 years of maintenance-free life, with Nomow you can be sure that you are naturally reducing your carbon footprint year after year.

By installing artificial grass you will not only reduce the effects that toxic chemicals, air pollution and water usage are having on our environment, you can also give back by recycling or repurposing turf when you no longer need it.


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