Improve Your Short Game with a No-Fuss Golf Green

You may not be aware of it, but artificial turf was originally developed for sports applications.  Synthetic putting greens are fast becoming the best way to improve and practise your short game, and Nomow is the name you can rely on.

Whether you are looking to install a golf green at home, at a professional club or in a school or sporting facility, the technical performance of a Nomow green is faultless. Comparable to the real thing, Nomow greens give you the performance of natural grass whilst looking as fresh and green all year round.

While golf is one of the most loved sports amongst us Brits, the unpredictable weather often leaves our greens fighting for survival. Rather than letting the wet weather dampen your enthusiasm for golf, why not opt for an indoor or outdoor putting green that is designed to last 20 years – enough time for even the most inexperienced players to perfect their shot. In fact, Nomow golf greens have been given the seal of approval by professional golfers and golf course architects from across the world. The golfers amongst you will know that to improve your game you need to improve your short game. Unlike other artificial turfs, Nomow putting greens behave much the same as natural fairways so your putts and chips should feel as natural as they would outdoors, allowing you to perfect those all important shots.

Whether you are planning to improve your handicap or just simply have fun at home with the family, Nomow putting greens are for you. Play like a pro on our championship standard green without putting up with that infamous ‘great’ British weather.