Help Your Lawn Recover from Winter Damage

Blights of snow, bitterly cold wind and heavy frost like we’ve seen over the last few months can be really damaging to lawns.

With temperatures plunging to -6 in some parts of the country, the UK’s gardens have been left to shiver under layers of sleet and snow, with little chance of recovery.

If the recent bad weather has damaged your lawn there are a few things you could try to help it recover.

If turf has been left boggy or waterlogged then you could try spiking your lawn with a fork to help it dry out quicker. If waterlogging is really bad you may have to cover your lawn with a sand mixture.

In short, there’s not much you can do in terms of maintenance until spring, as grass seeds will struggle to germinate during particularly cold waves.

If the country is expecting a bout of particularly bad weather, you might want to go that bit further to protect your lawn. One of the easiest and most convenient ways you can help your lawn to recover from winter damage is to replace it with artificial grass.

Artificial grass will not die off in extremely cold temperatures – it is built to last come snow, sleet or frost. It’s resilient drainage system means that even in extremely cold conditions, snow and ice simply melt into it without disrupting the colour or appearance. Replacing your natural lawn with an artificial alternative means that your can enjoy the fun and beauty of snow without worrying about the damage it might be doing to your turf.

While we can’t guarantee that natural lawns will make a recovery this year, we can assure you that Nomow will keep its vibrant green hue and will not uncover bald or muddy patches no matter what the weather.

Nomow have over 20 years knowledge and experience to ensure you have the absolute best alternative to real grass. Nomow turf can be applied to any surface and provides gardens with the perfect solution in winter, where the growth of natural grass is not practical.

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