Grass Cuttings Adding to UKs Floods

Last weeks intense storm left widespread reports of flash flooding, with 141 flood alerts issues from the Environment Agency for England and Wales alone.

Thought to be the worst storm in five years, travel was suspended and towns and villages were left to clean up flood damage.

The Environment Agency said that it had teams working to minimise the risk of floods by clearing debris from blocked culverts, but despite warnings to ensure gutters were clear, it seems that grass cuttings blocking our roads drains were still adding to the problem.

While there was no stopping the heavy rainfall and intense winds, drains clogged up with leaves and grass definitely didn’t help the problem and became a concern for many residents. With warnings of more heavy rainfall to come, we have a simple answer to the problem.

Installing artificial grass is just one of the ways we can reduce the number of grass clippings clogging up our drains. Cut-offs from front gardens and council verges have to go somewhere but all too often they are blown into the gutter causing a host of problems when we get rain, however, synthetic turf needs no mowing at all. No mowing means no clippings, and no clippings mean less debris going down our drains.

Natural grass gardens suffer drainage and flooding issues with heavy downfalls, however, the advanced systems of artificial grass means that it can stand up to the challenge and water filters right through it.

So with an unpredictable winter ahead of us, why not stand up to heavy rainfall and install an artificial grass garden?

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