Get Your Garden Winter Ready

Winter will transform your garden whether you’re ready for it or not and with the cold weather ready to set in, the more time you invest in the next couple of months the better chance your garden has of surviving the cold seasons.

Getting your garden winter-ready is definitely a job worth doing so we bring you our top tips for making life in and around the garden a little bit easier over the coming season.

Garden furniture

It’s always a good idea to protect your garden furniture before the harsh winter conditions set in. Cold weather can cause outdoor sets to rot and rust so utilise any space you have and store furniture in a waterproof location until you are ready to use it again next year.


Purchase some mesh guards to protect delicate young trees.

Annuals (plants with a lifecycle of a year) that looked great during the summer probably won’t survive the winter so pull them up and add them to the compost heap before they start to spread disease.


Gardens are glorious, but lawns are hard work during the winter.

Give nature a helping hand by giving your lawn one last mow and a good dose of fertilizer before the harsh winter sets in.

Laying an artificial grass lawn has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who don’t have the time or budget to maintain a natural grass garden during winter. Artificial turf requires very little maintenance over the cold season, and when the spring comes back around you will still have the same lush green lawn you started out with


As temperatures continue to drop, now is the perfect time to protect your pond in order to ensure plants and fish survive the winter. Prevent falling leaves and debris polluting the water by covering your pond with a net. If debris has collected then make sure you remove it before the water freezes, as rotting foliage can be fatal to fish.

Winter can be tough on all kinds of wildlife so make sure you’re stocked up with bird feed, and areas under hedges are left undisturbed.

Preparing your garden for winter doesn’t have to be a chore if you follow these simple rules. With almost zero maintenance, your Nomow lawn should stay looking fresh and green all season long. Get in touch to find out how you can have the beauty of grass without the drawbacks of winter maintenance.