What To Do in The Garden This Month

February is generally a busy time of year for gardeners with lots of jobs to be done.

As light levels and temperatures increase, February marks the start of a much more enjoyable gardening season. There are plenty of ways to make your garden a success whatever the weather brings, so read on for Nomow’s guide for what to do in the garden in February.


  • Prune wisteria, hedges, and winter flowering shrubs
  • Protect vulnerable plants from risk of frost and snow
  • Continue to plant roses, lilies and fragrant winter flowering shrubs
  • If you want to move any plants or shrubs, transplant this month while they’re dormant
  • Regularly deadhead pansies, primulas and any other winter bedding plants.

Fruit and veg

  • Finish pruning currant bushes and apple and pear trees
  • Chit early varieties of potatoes
  • Plant garlic, onions, rhubarb and shallots towards the end of the month
  • Harvest parsnips, broccoli, turnips and leeks

Around the garden

  • Install water butts ready for summer watering
  • Fork over existing beds and borders to help prepare soil for spring
  • Keep bird feeders topped up & fix nesting boxes to trees
  • Use a cold frame to provide extra protection for plants which need it
  • Clean and repair garden equipment, outdoor furniture and power tools


  • Give your greenhouse a thorough clean & wash out any dirty pots/tools
  • Insulate the greenhouse with polythene and seal windows
  • Ensure heaters are working correctly
  • Replant house plants into slightly larger containers


For those with natural grass lawns, the weather will have probably left it looking a little worse for wear. Wait for a dry to start clearing fallen twigs, leave and debris before running the mower over the lawn on a high setting.

As the weather gets milder you may also start to notice worm casts and weeds appearing again.

Of course the answer to all these problems is Nomow artificial grass! Turf from Nomow is built to last come rain, shine or frost. Its drainage system means that even if February holds wintery conditions, snow and ice simply melt into it without disrupting the colour or appearance, leaving it lush and green all year round.

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