Environmental Benefits when Switching to Artificial Grass

Artificial grass without a doubt looks incredible and well kept all year round. The perfect colour of green and the precise length makes your garden look faultless. But does this beauty come at the price of the environment? The answer is no, and throughout this blog, you will understand why artificial grass has become a necessity to help the environment.

Get rid of pesticides and fertilisers

In order to keep your real grass looking healthy and aesthetically pleasing, you are bound to use fertilizer. However, did you know that fertilisers can be hazardous to human health?

Synthetic fertilisers increase the chances of respiratory illness and the likelihood of asthma occurring. If you use fertilisers near a lake or pond, it can also cause fish to become deprived of oxygen due to the increase of algae forming. The plants and animals that are constantly around pesticides may become malformed, sick, or even die.

Some pesticides and fertilizers can burn your skin, so make sure you wear garden gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after use.

However, if you install artificial grass you won’t need to use any chemicals on your garden at all! Artificial grass looks great all year round without having to risk your health.


A study conducted by Sweden’s Stockholm University, showed that using a gas-powered lawnmower for an hour emits the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 93 miles. This pollution can be avoided if you switch to artificial grass as the grass is at a perfect length all year round.


Your loved ones will not be prone to these hazardous risks if you use artificial grass. Not only will you avoid harmful chemicals entering your body, but you will also be helping the environment stay green.

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