Case Study: Sherwood Park Primary School

Sherwood Park Primary School in Surrey recently had their playground transformed by the Nomow team after making the decision to install artificial grass!

Sherwood Park has had over 300m2 of artificial grass installed, covering a number of areas in their playground.

Working with Warwick Landscapes, who helped with the ground prep work, Nomow worked to install artificial grass over a large mound with a slide, play tunnels and areas of decking.

For the mound, we used Nomow range Play 365. Specifically designed with schools, nurseries and play areas in mind, Play 365 has unrivalled resilience with great bounce-back – perfect for areas being used by children!

We also installed a smaller area of Classic Meadow around the school’s wildflower area, allowing the school to achieve that ‘just mown’ look and get the most out of its outdoor space.

After weeks of hard work, both Sherwood Park and the Nomow team are delighted with the finished result and the knowledge that they will have years of fun in their new playground, without the mud, mess or maintenance!