Artificial Grass as an Alternative to Decking

Decking is one of the most common sites in domestic gardens nowadays. Its appeal has really taken off in recent years but is Artificial Grass a possible alternative to decking?

One of the most common issues with decking is how slippery it can get. Even if there is good water run-off on the decking, a small amount of rain can make it a very slippery surface. If the decking isn’t maintained properly a layer of algae can grow on the surface, making it even slipperier.


One common remedy for this is to add chicken wire to the decking to increase the grip. However, this is often only a short-term solution as the extra grooves can act as the perfect place for algae and moss to grow.

Artificial grass is by its nature non-slippery. The high number of blades increases the amount of friction underfoot and thus creates a secure surface to walk on.

Artificial grass also requires much less maintenance than decking. The grass is UV stabilised and has been certified that it won’t fade away due to sunlight. Conversely, decking requires regular painting and treating and it does fade over time.

treating decking

You want your garden to look amazing, and although well-maintained decking can look good, an artificial grass installation often looks stunning. Artificial grass looks just like natural grass but without the maintenance. Just look at our gallery with some really lovely installations.

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