Can I Install Artificial Grass in The Winter?

Even though gardening and installing artificial grass is more enjoyable during the summer months, artificial grass can be installed all year round.

You may be surprised to learn that the autumn and winter months actually help the installation process as the ground isn’t as firm and hard to dig up as during the summer months.

If you have little knowledge about the installation process of artificial grass or prefer to stay in your warm house and let the experts turn your lawn into a garden paradise; get in touch! All our installers work throughout the year and it is extremely unlikely for Nomow to postpone an installation due to the weather.

Once your artificial grass is in place, ensure it continues to look in pristine condition through the years by following these tips.

  1. Remove any leaves every couple of weeks using a plastic rake or leaf blower.
  1. If your lawn is covered in snow and frost, we advise you to be patient and let it melt naturally.
  1. If you wish to remove frost or snow, do not remove using your hands as the fibres can become damaged. Instead, use a plastic shovel.
  1. Do not be tempted to use hot items on your artificial grass. Burn a fire, use a barbecue and enjoy heaters away from the grass to avoid damage to the fibres.
  1. If you are placing a gazebo or heavy items on your lawn, make sure you brush the fibres upright again once the heavy items are removed. This will stop the imprints from staying visible.

Enjoy the cold winter months without worrying about maintaining your lawn. By following these tips, your lawn will continue to look lusciously green all year round! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Nomow via email or phone.