Study Days We Spend 2 Months of Our Lives Mowing The Lawn

For most of us Brits, our lawns are the central element of our gardens. We spend hours mowing, trimming and perfecting every last blade of grass to achieve that elusive lush, green, even lawn.

But why do we bother? You might ask, as new research has calculated the amount of time we really spend mowing our lawns.

The study estimated that the total time and frequency we green-fingered Brits spent cutting the grass added up to around 6.8 weeks of our lives –almost 2 months! The data showed that generally, respondents started mowing around March and ended in October, which added up to a staggering 19.2 hours a year.


Love it or hate it, mowing the lawn is taking up our valuable time – either way thinks about the time you could save if you had an artificial lawn. To put it into perspective, here at Nomow we have compiled a list of things you could do with those precious 8 weeks of your life.

  • Go on 8, week-long holidays (while your lawn takes care of itself!)
  • Get fit and lose up to a stone
  • Learn a new skill – master a musical instrument, learn a language
  • Go to the moon and back 90 times
  • Train for and run a 5K
  • Take your family on 16 great weekend days out – theme park, anyone?!

As you can see, this never-ending mower action can end up taking a huge chunk out of our lifetime. Why not join the increasing number of homeowners investing in a Nomow artificial lawn and spend those extra weeks doing something really worthwhile! Show your neighbours that the grass really is greener on the other side and make the switch.

Don’t forget to let us know how you are going to spend your extra day a year – tweet Freddie the resident Nomow dog at @NomowLtd1 and share your ideas!