Our Gardening Tips For Autumn Season

As we entered the autumn last month, you may have noticed the problems that the season is causing with your natural grass garden.

Autumn can be a truly dismal time of year, where every morning gets colder and every day gets shorter. Unsurprisingly this marks the time of year when many of us confidently give up any pretence of gardening and our gardens transform into brown, mossy messes, which are even less likely to survive the ravages of winter.

Artificial turf is the perfect answer to combatting the harsh autumn weather that destroys otherwise well-maintained gardens. Imagine the joys of having a perfect lawn all year round.

In need of only a little maintenance, synthetic turf is fast becoming the natural choice for home-owners who simply don’t have the time or energy to keep up with consuming seasonal upkeep. You’ll have an “all year round” green appearance, and no muddy footprints to clean up during spells of autumn showers.

Come rain or shine this autumn, artificial grass will withstand any weather condition the seasons throw at it.

Below is a short guide to keeping your artificial lawn in perfect condition this autumn:

During these few months, it is inevitable that you are going to get leaves falling from surrounding trees onto your lawn. Don’t leave the leaves to rot as they will collect on the surface as they can affect the drainage of your artificial lawn.  The minimum you should do is give your artificial lawn a simple brush once a month to remove any debris that may have collected. If your lawn is used regularly this month then it’s well worth brushing it once a week.

If you follow a few simple rules this autumn then there is no reason why your artificial lawn shouldn’t look as good as the day it was installed many years later!