If you are a pet owner you will know the havoc they can wreak on your lawn. From dug up turf to brown spots and unsavoury odours, your pets can have a huge effect on the appearance of your garden – not to mention the muddy paw prints they bring indoors!

Your garden will not suffer from the wear and tear that is often caused by pets running and playing on the grass. Its strong and durable quality will withstand everything your four-legged friend throws at it, staying green and lush all year round.

Artificial grass for dogs can be easily washed off providing a safe and clean environment for your family to enjoy. Any mess or stains can be simply washed away with a hose or a bucket of water.

We have a specialist product known as ZeoZorb which is a natural substance that has the amazing ability of being able to absorb ammonia. Find out more about our Dog-Friendly solutions.

Good news for your pet, it can play outdoors all year long! As artificial grass doesn’t freeze over, it’s safe for your dog or cat to venture outside even on the coldest of days. As summer comes back around, your dog needn’t suffer from common grass allergies as pet-friendly artificial grass eliminates the risk of them being affected by the pollen and dust that natural grass harbours. And finally, during the wet season, you won’t even have to give a second thought to soaking, muddy footprints being traipsed through your house after your pet has been outside.

Its good to know that artificial grass is non-toxic, and you can be confident that it is safe for your pet to play on, and you won’t need to worry about keeping them inside when you put down any of the harmful fertilizers or chemicals that traditional grass demands.

Animals treat artificial grass no differently to the real thing, offering a garden that is just as soft and enjoyable to run around in.