Artificial Grass in Garden Construction

Artificial grass offers loads of benefits for gardens, sports pitches, golf courses and playgrounds

The construction industry has been shouting about the benefits of artificial grass for a long time, with landscapers, builders and architects all using turf in garden projects to ensure that lawns remain lush, green and in perfect condition.

But what is it that makes artificial grass the ideal choice for garden construction?


There are loads of benefits for professionals who choose to use artificial grass in garden landscaping and construction. Here are just a few…

  • Aesthetics – Artificial grass ensures that a lawn will remain looking perfectly manicured, long after you’ve finished the job.
  • Low maintenance – Artificial grass is really easy to maintain, requiring no watering, mowing or weeding. This is really appealing if you’re constructing a garden for elderly clients or commercial property owners.
  • Save water – For clients who are looking to save money on their water bills, artificial lawns are the answer.
  • Environmentally friendly – Many construction companies are now looking for ways to reduce emissions and be resource efficient. Not only does artificial grass save water, it also reduces the amount of poisonous pesticides and fertilisers used and harmful pollution produced by lawnmowers.

Construction ideas

There are lots of ideas for professionals looking to use artificial turf in garden construction.

It can be used in a range of areas from back gardens to patios, areas of decking and pet runs. Artificial grass can provide a lush, green surround to a swimming pool or a durable pathway through a landscaped garden.

We often work with construction professionals and architects who want to ensure that their garden design looks its very best and artificial grass is the answer.

Nomow lawns are so easy to care for and stay looking their best 365 days a year.

Give us a call or request a free sample to see why artificial grass from Nomow truly is the perfect way to display your work!