Artificial Grass is an Eco-Friendly Product

Artificial grass has come a long way since it was first introduced as astroturf back in the 1960s. While providing a realistic and green environment, experts at the Synthetic Turf Council (Atlanta) have now stated that artificial grass is actually environmentally friendly.

Built to look and feel as good as natural grass, many people are now leaving behind those green-fingered chores in favour of artificial turf –and reaping the benefits.

Replacing natural grass gardens with low maintenance artificial grass can save huge amounts of water wasted every year on trying to attain well-watered, green turf. Experts in the US have even estimated that installing artificial grass in play areas and sports fields in North America alone could save over three billion gallons of water. Switching to durable artificial turf means that even in times of water shortage and drought, your garden will withstand any climatic conditions, which leave natural grass worn out and brown.

You may be aware that some environmentalists point out the effect that fake grass has on the eco-system and the various creatures that survive in your garden. However, while natural grass is undoubtedly important in the food chain, you may ask what life forms could possibly survive the onslaught of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers applied to natural grass gardens every year.

And if you want even more reasons to switch to eco-friendly artificial turf, it even reduces the presence of carbon emissions emitted by mowers and other petrol-powered garden tools which contribute as much as 8% to global warming.

With a 5-year guarantee on all Nomow artificial grass, you can ensure that year after year you are naturally reducing the poisonous effect that toxic chemicals, air pollution and water usage are having on our environment.