Artificial Grass & Decking

When it comes to gardens, Nomow customers often come to us looking to create a diverse and versatile outdoor space.

It’s great to see artificial grass mixed, matched and blended with different elements in the garden and one of the most popular pairings we see is warm-toned wooden decking mixed with the lush, deep greens of artificial grass.

Nomow artificial grass can be laid virtually anywhere, so you have the option to either layer it on top of decking or incorporate it around the design to break up heavy areas of wooden flooring.

Artificial grass makes an ideal covering when your decking has become worn, weathered or slippery over time. Not only is it much more aesthetically pleasing, you also have the benefits of a durable, non-slip, weatherproof surface that needs next to no maintenance to thrive. Even if your decking has incurred damage already, an artificial grass cover can help protect it from further impairment.

Artificial grass is easy to install onto decking. Simply cut turf to shape and screw it down over the existing area. We recommend Nomow range Classic Meadow which is perfect for this kind of application. Its short, neat pile and slimmer construction provides a hardwearing and soft surface to transform any area of decking.

If you want to use artificial grass to contrast and compliment an area of decking, it is equally as simple to achieve. Why not lay an artificial grass rug underneath decking furniture to provide a warm, soft area to rest your feet? You could even create a bright green artificial grass path straight through a large area of decking to break up areas of brown.

If you have a small outdoor space to work with, artificial grass is the perfect way to open it up and make it feel bigger. Even the smallest square of turf mixed with decking can create a whole other area for kids to play, or just for you to sit and relax on during the summer.

Artificial grass adds a natural and earthy feel to any area, whilst being completely maintenance-free.

To find out how Nomow can transform your outdoor area, simply request a free sample or get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.