Make Your School Safer!

The Christmas holidays are here and you still have a chance to make your school a safer place for the pupils! Over the years, artificial grass has become a ‘must-have’ for many in the school industry. Below we investigate the three major reasons why artificial grass has become tremendously popular…

Health and Safety

Children look forward to break time so that they can play. Now wouldn’t it be great if teachers could look forward to being on duty too! With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about children falling over on tarmac or cement paving, as Nomow artificial grass is extremely soft and tactile. This means that if a child falls over, they will not have cuts and bruises, they will instead fall onto a gentle surface.

Visually pleasing

Artificial grass looks just like natural grass, however, you avoid the mud and the maintenance that grass offers! The fact that artificial grass does not have to be mowed, watered or cared for makes it so easy for schools to maintain. Every day the grass will be a beautiful green regardless of the weather, and Nomow is able to install the grass to the shape and size that you desire.


Nomow’s artificial grass conforms to OFSTED’s rules and regulations and is extremely hard-wearing. For schools, these two areas are a necessity. By having the approval of OFSTED and a reduced cost in maintenance, it’s no wonder schools are transforming their outdoor area to artificial grass.

Nomow has installed artificial grass in over 1,800 schools countrywide if you would like to know more about how long it will take to install artificial grass in your school give us a call today.