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Survive The Winter with a Great British Indoor Garden!

We all know that the Great British weather doesn’t always behave itself.

This year alone has seen floods, thunderstorms and is now set for snow, so it’s no wonder that a new trend is sweeping the nation with lots of people turning to indoor gardens!

Conservatories, summer houses and sheds are all perfect locations for an indoor garden so if you’ve got the space to spare, read our guide on creating the perfect indoor garden…
Conservatory garden
A sun soaked conservatory is the ideal place for plants that thrive on light, particularly if the windows are well insulated.

As long as your location offers light and warmth, you can produce a lush indoor garden!

What to include…
Choose plants that best reflect the type of garden you want to create. Going for a Mediterranean courtyard effect? Place large planters all around the room and fill them with tropical looking foliage. Rubber plants and palms work perfectly.

If you’re after a more “finished” garden look why not extend this to your flooring?

Adding artificial grass to an indoor area can create a unique and bold statement. Why not take a look at our choice of different artificial grass ranges for further inspiration.

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass doesn’t need water, sunlight or even soil to look lush and green all year long. Durable and long lasting, artificial grass won’t suffer with heavy footfall or fade in the sunlight. It’s also really easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about any drips or spills – simply wipe clean.

Once you’ve installed your artificial grass, simply finish the look off with a few statement potted plants as a trendy solution for any low maintenance gardener.

So there you have it! With a little indoor paradise you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits of a garden without the bad weather and it could be summer all year round!

If you need any help or advice creating an indoor garden why not get in touch with one of our experts or request a free sample today!