Transform Your Venue into a Unique Garden Bar

In the hospitality industry, competition is tough and in order to succeed and stand out from competitors, you need to offer something different. Ice bars, rooftop bars and pirate-themed restaurants are just a few of the popular ideas which have taken over cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool.

To differentiate yourself from other venues, read on as we discuss some of the benefits of transforming your venue into a unique garden bar…

Indoor use

When you’re running a bar in the UK, the weather is not always in your favour! Instead of letting the rain dampen your fun, why not bring the outdoors inside with artificial grass?

Outdoor use

During the summer months, artificial grass allows your customers to get out, enjoy the sunshine and feel as though they are surrounded by nature. You can choose artificial grass as the main floor material, or you can mix and match with other materials such as paving stones or gravel. Artificial grass is easy to clean if anybody spills a drink, long-lasting and much less maintenance than other outdoor surfaces!


There are many different artificial grass styles you can choose from. All are long-lasting, so the decision of which range to choose for your bar is all down to your preference of choice. Feel free to browse through our gallery and see what style of grass would suit your venue best.


Once you have mastered the layout, it’s time to add the accessories. Artificial grass is a modern look, which is why you should carry on the modern style by adding unique tables, chairs and lighting. You can also opt for an outdoor feel and create a wooden and rustic style by using outdoor accessories inside the bar. If you are nervous about installing the grass, our expert and experienced team at Nomow are able to install the artificial grass to a professional standard so your bar looks faultless!

Artificial grass is the key part of making your business stand out and look unique. Call Nomow to start your garden bar journey today!