Start The New Term With a Brand New Sports Pitch!

For many schools, the end of this month also marks the end of the summer holidays.

While the kids have been off, the Nomow team have been busy transforming play areas, sports pitches and school playgrounds up and down the country, ready for their return!

There are a number of benefits to replacing natural grass with artificial turf over the summer holidays. Read on for just a few, and who knows…if you’re convinced, you could be starting the new term with a brand new sports pitch!

  • Increased protection – When it comes to kids playing sports, you can never be too careful. Unlike tough areas of natural ground, artificial grass actually protects children from impact falls, with a soft cushioned base that provides comfort and softness.
  • No mud – Kids will no longer have to battle through soil, puddles or muddy bogs when they come to play their favourite sport. Artificial grass remains completely mud free all year round, giving you peace of mind that dirty footprints won’t come traipsing through the corridors either!
  • Save money – Once installed, you wont have to spend much on the upkeep of your artificial grass at all. Unlike natural turf, artificial grass doesn’t rely on expensive fertilisers, lawnmowers, or maintenance equipment to stay looking lush and green. And you can say goodbye to hefty water bills!
  • Put focus back on sport – When you’re saving so much time and money, you could effectively put it back into improving the quality of sports projects or facilities. 

Nomow artificial grass provides the perfect surface for kids to play on all throughout the year. A brand new sports pitch will allow them to regularly play their favourite sports, ensuring they stay fit and healthy all year round.

Our artificial grass has been used for a variety of different sports and applications, so to find out more about how Nomow could help improve sporting facilities in your school, please get in touch today.