Product Spotlight: 10mm Shock Pad

A slightly different product is in our spotlight this month; Nomow 10mm Shock Pad underlay. This is a newly listed product on our website but has been widely used by our Nomow Installers for many years.

Our Shock Pad is part of our safety surface range which have all been specifically designed to provide a critical fall height and have been tested to the highest European Standards.

So what is it used for? As mentioned, the shock pad provides critical fall heights so is mainly used in schools, nurseries and playgrounds where children are playing regularly as it can absorb any impact. Not only does it add additional safety, but also makes the ground more spongey and comfortable.

This can be used in domestic gardens – some people choose this option if they are laying Artificial Grass on top of decking or concrete to provide a slightly softer and flatter surface for their gardens. 

Nomow does have a variety of other thicknesses to adhere to higher fall heights so if you have any further questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Nomow 10mm Shock Pad