#NomowPlay Outdoor Lawn Games

The six-week summer holiday has arrived and instead of putting a movie on to occupy your children, we have created a list of outdoor games that will fulfil their energy levels, while continuing to keep their brains active!

Scavenger Hunt

6- 12-year-olds – Place objects around the garden, keep some in plain sight for the younger children and make the game more difficult for the 6+ children by hiding certain objects in bushes, small trees and hedges. Let’s say you hid different coloured shapes, once you have hidden the shapes the scavenger hunt begins. You shout ‘yellow square’ and the first child to find the object wins a small prize. Once all the shapes are found, the child with the most shapes wins the prize.

Note: This game helps younger children to learn shapes and colours. Make the game harder for older children by using eight-sided shapes (octagon) and ten-sided shapes (decagon.)

13-16-year-olds – Keeping the same theme, however, you will ask the teenagers to find objects in a different language. The most popular languages learnt in school are German, French and Spanish. Make it a team competition by ensuring that the fluent speaking teenagers are partnered with teenagers that struggle with foreign languages.

Note: This game not only helps teenagers work together but also increase their knowledge of other languages.


Bring charades outside and split everybody into two teams. This game can be completed by all ages, however, make sure any child under 5 has an adult helping them! Inside a hat, write down on paper any movies, TV programs and books that the majority of people will have heard of. You then call up one person from the team and they pick a piece of paper out of the hat (without looking) and then act the answer to their team without speaking. They have one minute. The game continues until all answers are completed!

Note: This helps team building, knowledge and non-verbal communication skills.

If the weather is warm and dry, play these games outside! If you have artificial grass installed, everybody can still take part in the scavenger hunt even when it is raining as the grass is not slippery and muddy like real grass. Call Nomow today and create a garden that needs little maintenance and looks perfect all year round.