#NomowPlay – Lesson Ideas

The time of year has arrived where you are trying to come up with exciting and new ideas for your students.

Instead of worrying about work, enjoy your summer relaxing and steal a few of our lesson planning ideas…!


Make maths come alive by bringing the learning outside of the classroom. Head towards the garden and gather the children in a circle. Give each child a small bag filled with cones and ask them to count how many cones are inside. You can ask them to count in twos, threes, fives etc. All depending on their age. This not only makes learning the times’ tables more fun and interesting, but you are guaranteed to have their attention!


More and more primary and secondary schools are bringing literacy classes outside to keep children engaged and creative. By writing outside, children are able to look around and gain inspiration from their surroundings. You could ask each child to write a poem describing their feelings or what they see, then repeat this lesson every few weeks. Explain to them how poets such as William Wordsworth and Ian Hamilton Findlay wrote their poetry outside, this will help them remember poet’s names and also gain inspiration!


Take advantage of the warm weather and bring a paddling pool outside! Even though the children will not be jumping around in the water, it will still bring a smile to their faces. You can conduct experiments such as placing balloons on top of the water and take a survey to find out which children believe the balloons will float or sink. You can also teach children about filtering water by using a kitchen roll filter and amaze your class by turning brown water to clean water within a few minutes!

Make sure your students do not return to the classroom muddy by conducting your lessons on artificial grass. Artificial grass is comfortable to sit on, not muddy and also more resilient than real grass.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and will implement these ideas into your lessons!