Nomow Return to Bilston Primary School!

This month Nomow returned to Bilston Church of England to complete a fourth installation of artificial grass on an area of scrubland, which was causing a number of health and safety issues.

Teachers became concerned about the area after children were falling on the hard surface during play and hurting themselves.

The new installation now means that children can now run around and play safely on a hard-wearing, soft and tactile surface that won’t become a muddy swamp when winter comes back around!

Children are thoroughly enjoying play on the new All-Weather Surface; the installation has also benefitted the school who can rest assured that when children fall they won’t injure themselves.

Headteacher Gary Gentle explained, “Children are now thoroughly enjoying themselves, all because of the artificial grass we now have installed”

This is the fourth installation that Nomow has completed at Bilston Primary School and Mr Gentle went on to explain why Nomow were the only choice for the school’s new surface.

He said: “Nomow are easy to talk to, very professional and courteous” “We would certainly recommend the company Nomow to others”

If you’re a school thinking about installing artificial grass you can book a FREE, no-obligation appointment for us to come and show you the benefits of Nomow. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team to arrange a time to suit you.