How Nomow Can Enhance Care Homes

Nomow Artificial Grass is a practical and durable alternative to natural turf in any environment. With its long list of benefits, more and more people are choosing to go down the route of artificial lawns.

It isn’t just homeowners that are opting for fake grass, Care Home providers are also seeing the advantages and it is quickly becoming a popular option for care homes.  Having natural turf can sometimes restrict what areas residents can use throughout the winter and into Spring due to mud and mess, making it difficult for wheelchair users and those less confident on their feet.

Nomow Artificial Grass can not only make gardens more practical in all weathers, it can also enhance the look and feel of outdoor areas making them more aesthetically pleasing for potential service users. It gives off a freshly cut, Summer lawn all year round with very low maintenance meaning staff don’t have to worry about preparing the garden for people to use.

Nomow can be used indoors too! You can very easily bring the looks and feel of a garden indoors which is perfect for those who don’t wish to face the Great British weather but want the feel of being in a garden.

Artificial grass can be used to produce sensory areas too – we not only have green grasses, but also a range of rainbow turf that is a perfect way to create bright and colourful areas both indoors and outdoors.

If you’d like a quote or a member of our sales team to give you more information on Nomow Artificial Grass, please get in touch.