Keep it Natural in Pet Vivarium’s

The last 25 years have seen reptiles shed their menacing image to emerge as a hugely popular pet. Since 1991 the UKs reptile industry has swollen to an estimated 6.5 million animals sold a year.

It was estimated that in 2013, around 400,000 households in the UK were home to a pet lizard, with around 300,000 households keeping a pet snake.

As the popularity of pet reptiles has increased, it seems that the demand for more natural-looking habitats to keep them has as well.

Perhaps this could be the reason reptile owners are now replacing traditional lining material in tanks and vivarium’s with durable artificial grass.

Many owners have expressed that their pets are drawn to the strong green colour of artificial grass, which gives the illusion of their natural environment. This natural feeling can impact highly on your reptile’s overall satisfaction and quality of life.

Traditional bedding materials such as newspaper are becoming less popular as busy owners simply don’t have the time to replace them as often as the animal needs. Artificial grass is incredibly easy to hose down or wipe clean and never needs replacing. This provides a no-fuss, clean vivarium essential for the health of the reptile.

NoMow range ‘Classic Meadow’ is particularly suitable for animal lovers, due to its comfortable short pile length, and it’s easy to clean, hygienic construction.

Ideal for pet owners on a budget Classic Meadow gives you years of easy care.

If you’d like to find out more about how Nomow artificial grass could benefit you and your pet, simply get in touch today.