Artificial Grass Saving The Day!

Artificial Grass to the rescue as record rainfall has reduced the severity of the ongoing water shortage in the South and East of England, but bans remain in place for domestic customers.

Adjustments to the hosepipe ban by seven water companies followed the exceptionally wet April, which has led to the partial recovery of water levels in reservoirs and in some aquifers, is artificial grass the answer?

Although some reservoirs can now be seen filled to the brim, groundwater stocks remain lower than they should be at this time of year and for that reason water companies will keep their water restrictions in place for now. Therefore the hosepipe ban remains firmly in place for domestic customers.

However, the need to apply for even greater restrictions has now subsided as water stocks have been replenished to some extent.

As the sunshine finally makes an appearance the Environment agency gave this report on the current situation:

“Due to the recent rainfall, south west England, the Midlands and parts of Yorkshire are no longer in drought. Parts of East Anglia and the south east of England still remain in drought, with water company restrictions in place on public water use. It has been another wet week across England and Wales with rainfall totals ranging from 13mm in our Anglian region to 51mm in our North West region. But soil moisture deficits have started to increase again, particularly across central, southern, south west and eastern England.”

Concern for the well-being of our environment has never been greater. The alarming effects of climate change are making themselves clear across the world. We all have a responsibility look at how we reduce the impact we have on the planet.

At NoMow, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We’re striving to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and provide products that have environmental benefits.

The environmental benefits of Nomow artificial grass:

No water – Water is one of the world’s most precious resources and set to become more so as climate change progresses. NoMow grass, unlike natural grass, doesn’t need watering. It stays green and lush throughout extreme weather conditions.

No pesticides – NoMow doesn’t need fertilisers, pesticides or weed killers. There’s no need for harmful chemicals that can find their way into our rivers and water courses.

No mowing – NoMow doesn’t need mowing. There’s no need for petrol-driven lawn mowers or gardeners’ maintenance vans. And there are no grass clippings that produce methane and require disposal to landfill sites.