Grow Your Own – Artificial Grass in Allotments

Allotments have been in existence for hundreds of years, and it is now estimated that over 90,000 gardeners want an allotment and are on waiting lists.

Allotments rose to popularity during the second world war, where at their height there were around 1.5 million plots. Demand slowly decreased as plots fell out of favour, however in the current economic uncertainty, it seems the desire for space to grow food has become reignited.

Figures suggest there are now around 330,000 allotment plots across the UK, with demand for more.

So with so many allotment owners in the UK looking to save money and maximise their plot, Nomow brings you 6 reasons why you should be utilising the low cost, low maintenance benefits of artificial grass in your allotment.

1-Keep pests at bay

Flower and vegetable gardens surrounded by artificial grass ensure there is no natural habitat for damaging pests to hide and grow in.

2-No maintenance pathways

If you prefer lush green walkways that provide a softer look, artificial grass could be the answer. You walkways will never need trimming or edging to look neat and tidy all year round.

3- No fertilizer

The fewer chemicals around your fresh produce the better. With artificial grass maintenance is minimal, so you wont ever need to use dangerous fertilizes or weed killers on the turf.

4- Save water

Allotments require large amounts of watering, especially in summer, so you may be concerned about water wastage. Artificial turf allows you to save water for your food-producing plants while still having the verdant look and feel of conventional grass.

5-Great to look at

High traffic pathways around your allotment may quickly become flooded, muddy and patchy. Brown scorch marks may be especially visible if you bring your dog along to your vegetable garden. Artificial grass is robust enough to withstand high footfall in any area.

6-Let other plants flourish

Using artificial grass in an allotment means that whatever you’re growing doesn’t have to compete for water or nutrients. This practical solution allows vegetables and other plants to flourish around your lawn.

Still not convinced? Nomow has over 20 years of knowledge and experience to ensure your allotment has the absolute best alternative to real grass.

Nomow can be applied to any surface and provides the perfect solution to any ‘problem’ areas, where natural grass is not practical.

To book your FREE, no-obligation appointment for us to visit and show you the benefits of Nomow, simply contact us to arrange a time to suit you.