What to do in the Garden – Summer

Summer is the season to really enjoy your garden. From entertaining outdoors to an abundance of fresh flowers and produce, a summer garden is a joy.

With this in mind, Nomow is helping you tackle the dos and don’ts of summer gardening, ensuring you have an outdoor paradise to relax and entertain in this season.

Service the BBQ

June marks the beginning of BBQ season, so use the start of the good weather to get outside and give you barbeque a good clean. Stock up on coals and kindling so you are ready to go as soon as the sun makes an appearance.


With the promise of a hot, dry summer, your garden will need frequent watering this season. In dry conditions, you should aim to water container plants once a day, and the rest of your garden should be thoroughly supplemented at least once a week.

Harvest fruit and veg

For those with a vegetable garden, summer is the season to look forward to. There is nothing better than a garden bursting with fresh produce, but it’s important to make sure you harvest at the optimum time. Popular summer fruit and veg include beans, tomatoes, peppers, squash and strawberries.

Maintain the lawn

For those with natural grass gardens, your lawn will have a massive growth spurt during the summer so try to stay on top of mowing, fertilizing and weeding. You should be aiming to mow your lawn at least every couple of weeks to ensure it stays maintained and looks great. Keep your grass well watered and well fed to prevent it scorching and becoming brown.

For those with artificial grass lawns, simply sit back and enjoy the weather!

Water catchments

Water butts are a great way to conserve water. Water catchments are designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to outdoor taps as they collect rainwater for you to use around the garden. Water butts are especially useful supplies during dry periods and can save substantial amounts of money as well as the planets valuable resources.

Outdoor furniture

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a spot of alfresco eating and entertaining, so prepare your furniture now so you’re not panicking when the sun comes out. Give it a good clean, and if you have wooden furniture apply a decent coat of furniture oil to protect it throughout the season.

Nomow artificial grass uses a combination of natural green colours with a super soft, lush construction to give your lawn that ‘just mown’ look all year round. Our products stay looking beautiful in all weathers and require no maintenance, leaving you to relax and enjoy the sunshine this summer.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about how you could transform your garden this summer with Nomow artificial grass.